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Why Colorado Springs Scalp Artists

“I love using my skills to help others boost their confidence. It is such a special service that I can provide.”

Ginger Beck

Your best choice for SMP is Colorado Springs Scalp Artists not only because we are expertly trained but because we value the artistry involved in making a truly natural looking hairline.  If you need to travel – we are worth it! And we have the tools to compliment our artistry.


Our inks are charcoal based, which means that there is no chance for your pigmentation ever turning blue or green like tattoo inks. We do a perfect hair follicle match, mixing the specific color for each client right before each procedure.


We use proprietary needles that replicate the diameter of a natural hair follicle. This ensures that you will have a natural look instead of the thicker tattoo needles that leave big dots that look like a sharpie point.


We spend time addressing any concerns with the procedure. Some clients desire a natural softer hairline while others prefer a straighter, edged-up look. Many clients need scars concealed as well as density created in their hair-transplanted areas. Still others need a full head application due to genetic or health related hair loss or thinning.  We are able and eager to address any and all issues.

Your Choice to Restore Your Hairline

Why Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

The Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) process is designed to mimic the appearance of a full head of shaved hair. Our treatments enable clients with thinning hair, ore even those  who are totally bald, to appear to everyone else as if they still have hair, but simply chose to shave it  When applied by a skilled Scalp Artist technician even the client cannot distinguish our follicle impressions from real shaved hair. SMP is ideal for men experiencing a normal genetic hair loss, for women with thinning hair, and for those with any form of alopecia (even aggressive forms such as alopecia aerate or totals). SMP is also used to hide scars from hair transplants and other surgeries.

SMP for Men

Hair loss is common to many men. It can be caused by aging, heredity, injury, or illness. The appearance of a healthy head of hair can certainly be a confidence booster. Many men have found scalp micro pigmentation to be just the solution for them.

SMP for Women

Women in addition to men often suffer from thinning hair. Factors including genetics and hormone imbalance can also contribute to pattern hair loss. Scalp Micropigmentation can quickly, easily, and permanently restore that look of thicker hair.
woman with dark thinning hair
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How long does the pigment last?

The scalp pigmentation can last as long as 10 years or even longer depending on the level of aftercare.  Using proper sunscreen, vitamins and moisturizers for skin protection assure a longer lasting result.

How long does a procedure take?

The procedure typically takes anywhere from 4-6 hours for a standard “top of the Head” procedure.  For scars, it typically takes 1-2 hours.

Is it painful?

Our clients report that on a scale of 1 to 10, the most common answer is about a 3.  Some areas are more sensitive than others, but all manageable.  We offer topical numbing cream prior to starting, and also ibuprofen can be taken to alleviate the discomfort. 

What Is the recovery time?

Immediately after the procedure, the treated area is red and tender for approximately 24-48 hour.  It will look totally natural in about two days and you may return to work the next day. 

How much does it cost?

Typical costs range from $500 for smaller areas including scars to  $4000 for a more standard top procedure. 

Is there a good reason to just not find the best deal?

There are many reasons but here are four especially good ones for deciding on Colorado Springs Scalp Artists : Expertly trained technician with an artist’s touch, superior charcoal based inks, proprietary needles with the diameter of a hair follicle,  attentive consultation with procedure tailored specifically to client’s need.  

Are you ready to take the next step?

At Colorado Springs Scalp Artists we are here to support you each step of the way.  Schedule a free consultation or learn more.  We are here to help!

What our Clients Have to Say.

“I love my scalp micro pigmentation! Ginger has the training and ‘the touch’. The procedure itself was painless and the facilities were clean and comfortable. The best part, my bald spot no longer looks obvious.  So much better!”  BC

“Ginger Beck has changed my life.   Excessive hair loss was devastating.  I had resigned myself to the fact that wearing a wig was getting ready to be my only option. Thanks to Ginger and SMP I have my confidence back. Thank you Ginger”  DCM
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